Monday, 12 March 2012

Mobile Library Service

Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is a beautiful spot. There are apple orchards, rocky inlets and beaches, mud flats, fishing and farming communities, and the North and South mountains. The people who call this area home are as diverse as the geography. Most of the rural communities are well off the beaten path and their strength is due to the residents. 

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library Bookmobile is proud to bring library service to many rural communities. The Bookmobile serves 34 community stops in West Hants, Kings and Annapolis Counties during a three week schedule year round. An example of some of the isolated communities we serve are Summerville and Cheverie (District of West Hants), Springfield and East Dalhousie (Kings County), and Maitland Bridge to Bear River (Annapolis County). The Bookmobile averages 21, 896 kilometres annually with a monthly circulation of 2,266 items. Mobile library service began in 1949 in our region. There are many wonderful stories over the years about patrons arriving to the Bookmobile by tractor, bicycle, four wheeler and even snowmobile, or with a sled, or a wheelbarrow! The community stops which we serve have become community gathering spots, and the Bookmobile has become a lifeline to the communities. Neighbors gather on the Bookmobile to catch up, and to stock up on books, DVDs, magazines, audio books and more. This winter snowshoes were made available for patrons to borrow through a partnership with Annapolis County Recreation. We like the idea of the library providing exercise for the mind and body.

Bookmobile Celebration Tours have been held with some schools. During these events, each class is invited onboard the Bookmobile. Our staff offer interesting informational sessions and share the magic of a mobile branch, followed by a wonderful storytime! It is rewarding to see the children’s faces light up when the Bookmobile travels through their community, and when they bring their families to our community stops. Also for parents who have memories of visiting the Bookmobile as children, to share the wonder of the experience with their children. We eagerly anticipate invitations to be included in community events, and participate in parades and festivals. Click here for a printable invitation to your community event.

Joining the library is FREE! The next time you see the Bookmobile parked in your community – stop by and say hello! We are looking forward to meeting you! Our staff members can register you for a library card and help you meet your reading needs. Click here for a calendar of scheduled stops.

The Bookmobile may be closer than you think.
The Bookmobile is one of the services offered by the Outreach Services Department with the Annapolis Valley Regional Library. Other services include Books By Mail and Van Delivery of book deposits to schools, day cares, institutions and residential facilities. More on these services in the next few weeks!

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