Monday, 9 April 2012

Your car need fixing?

No?  Please don’t stop reading!  If this doesn’t interest you, I’d like you to tell someone else about it.

Chilton has been helping people fix cars for decades , pretty much setting the standard for do-it-yourself car repair.

Years ago, when you left your car at the shop, you’d often see these really thick and heavy volumes laying around on a shelf or a bench. The black fingerprints indicated they were referred to regularly.  These books were published specifically for the make of car and year, both for North American models and imports. Their graphics and step-by-step guides make for accurate and effective diagnostics and repair procedures. 

Because there was public demand for these publications, our library did its best to stock current print volumes (not cheap!).
Well, like most things these days, Chilton has produced an online database, to which our library subscribes.  You only need a library card to use it for free!  There’s a link on the left-hand side of our web page  (or go to Search Databases at the top right). 

Chilton is SO easy to use.   You type in the year, the make, and the model , and go from there.   They provide easy print screens that include the graphic shots which can be enlarged to suit your needs.   It also keeps an up-to-date list of any recalls or bulletins. 

 So, if you’re not into DIY, or you own a car that never needs repairs, please tell someone else (who doesn’t have a car like yours) about this very useful online tool.  It might be someone who  thinks the library has nothing for them.  If the person says they don’t have a library card, please tell them that’s free too!

Wendy Trimper
Head of Branch Services

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