Sunday, 15 July 2012

What is YA? Booktalk Books (in a bag!)

Picture this: you and your friends all read the same book (maybe by the pool this summer?). Then you get together and talk about it. Talking about books is an activity that some people really, really enjoy.  We've made it easy for teens (and adults, too, but that is another post) to host their own book club with our YA BookTalkBooks (in a bag!).  Not only do we supply you with 8 copies of the book that you can borrow for 6 weeks, but we have also included some suggested discussion topics. I know, this sounds a bit like school, so why should you read these books (and talk about them)?  Here's why. 

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak is one of the most intriguing books to come along in a while. It is narrated by Death. Yes, the Grim Reaper is the narrator, and he has become fascinated by a young girl named Liesel who is sent to a small German town to ride out World War 2. She learns a lot from the books she steals, and learns even more about people, as does Death. There's plenty to discuss in this book, but the main reason to read it is because it is one of those books that just sucks you right in and keeps you there.

For something a little lighter, there's Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shephard. Yeah, there's a TV show based on these books, but maybe you'd be interested to read where it all started. These are some of the snarkiest, most shallow girls around, but there's more to them than that. And the surrounding mystery  is just dark enough to keep those pages turning. 

For those who like graphic novels, we have American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. Three stories in one combine for a powerful and funny look at growing up as the different guy in town. This award-winning book is bound to keep you entertained this summer. 

The perfect summer book is 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. When Ginny receives a blue envelope, some cash, and instructions to buy a plane ticket to London, she's not sure what is going to happen. Ginny has the adventure of her life and learns a bit along the way. What would you do in her situation? 

So what are you waiting for? Time to start that Book Club you've always dreamed of…. And if you want to do a Mother-Daughter or Father-Son Book Club, these books are ok for Moms & Dads to read, too. 

WHAT IS YA? Will be a monthly feature, published on the 15th of each month, written by Angle Reynolds, our Head of Youth Services.  We are giving away YA books to go along with it! Make a comment below about one of the books we talked about, and you’ll be entered into a monthly draw for a YA review copy. Must be able to pick the book up at one of our branch libraries; no books will be shipped or mailed.

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