Monday 6 May 2013

Pedometers, Energy meters, Breastfeeding Resource Kits, & Little Reader Bags … We've got a little of everything!

Getting in shape for the summer?   Having a little friendly competition with co-workers?  Celebrating Nova Scotia Walk Day on May 8? Why not try out a pedometer, courtesy of your public library.  Through a partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia, pedometers are just part of our regular borrowing collection.  You can place your hold directly in the catalogue, or talk to library staff about borrowing one.


   Interested in knowing how much energy that old freezer is utilizing?  What about that 20 year old microwave?   Thanks to a partnership with the former Conserve Nova Scotia, we have energy meters to help you with that!  The two most useful measurements on this meter are "watts" and "cost".   Many appliances use electricity even when turned off.  Examples include the TV and cable/satellite box.  Use the energy meter to identify these phantom loads on your power.   Do you leave your computer, monitor and printer on all day?  Use the meter to tally your savings in watts by powering off the electronics when not in use. 


A Valley partnership among various health groups resulted in the creation of six Breastfeeding  Resource kits.  Each kit is a bag of items to support  breastfeeding parents and their infants.   The All About Breastfeeding kits include the dvd Breastfeeding: bringing baby to breast; books Breastfeeding made simple, by Nancy Mohrbacher;  The womanly art of breastfeeding, by Diane Wiessinger;   a book for the baby, We Like to Nurse; and one for the siblings of the breastfeeding child, Will There be a Lap for Me?  Place your hold now.

Are you familiar with our Little Reader Bags?   If your child is beginning to read, and you need help finding material perfectly suited to his/her reading level, our Youth Services Librarian has made the job easier for you.   She's selected the books and colour-coded the bags into these categories:  Just Starting (Blue); Emerging Reader (Green); Early Reader (Pink); and, Developing Reader (Yellow).  Click here for a description of each , and then decide which one meets your needs. (We have them in French, too.) For a keyword search in the catalogue, just type Little Reader Kit to get your complete list and place a hold.  It can't get any easier.

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