Monday, 12 August 2013

School time!

As summer begins to wind down, thoughts turn to school. Walk into any office supply or department store and you'll see displays of notebooks, paper, binders, colored pens, erasers, tape, glue, and crayons.  Folks are already scratching off the list of school supplies needed for the upcoming year.  For some, this will be the first year of school—perhaps preschool or daycare, or maybe even the big step of riding the bus and going to primary. It can be both exciting and scary to a young child! We've got a list of books about school that can ease your child into the new school experience, or that slightly reluctant child who never wants summer to end.  This list has a little of everything—books about the school bus, school lunches, the school library, art class, and the first day. There are even a few books about bullies that can help you talk to your child who may be feeling a little scared of the big kids at school. 

We've also put together some websites for parents and kids to share. This list has sections on safety, activities, bullies, and a general section that can even help you pack a healthy lunch for your child. 

Getting your child ready for the first day of school can be fun. There are plenty of apps for helping kids learn to write, learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and more. Your older child might get back into the school swing by trying some learning games before September rolls around. We've gathered some resources here There are plenty of ways to get back into the swing of things without technology, too! Take walks and look for the whole alphabet. Check out some books about nature. Play board games that involve counting or keeping score, and let your child do the math. 

And if you are thinking of homeschooling, take a look at some of the resources we've gathered here. Our website has lots of information for parents who are sending their children off into the world of school!  Be ready when the bell rings. 

--Angela Reynolds, Head of Youth Services

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