Monday 20 January 2014

Every Day is Family Literacy Day at the Library!

Family Literacy Day is celebrated each year on January 27.  Family Literacy Day is a national
awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. For many years, here at AVRL we planned Family Literacy Day celebrations, and many were very successful (who remembers our Sleepovers at the Wolfville Library?). After all, we do love literacy here at the library. But never a year went by that we did not have to cancel some of our programs due to weather. In fact, we started calling January 27 Snow Day. While we do have a few events planned, we would like to invite you to plan on celebrating Family Literacy in your own home. After all, that’s where Family Literacy really happens! 

   ABC Life Literacy Canada has some great tips, such as these 15 Minutes of Fun tips.  They have lots of other activities that you can do from home here . We encourage you to check out some books and share them as a family. We’ve got lots of booklists to help you choose the right book for your family, such as these audiobooks . Or maybe you are looking for a new story to incorporate into your bedtime routine? And look for the new 50 Best Books for Babies poster that was created by Read to Me. Not only will we have the posters around to entice you to read to your baby, we also have the books for you to check out!

    Adults, don’t feel left out! Modeling is a great way to share literacy in your family. Turn off the TV and the laptops and the iPads, and set aside a family reading time. Encourage everyone to grab a good book and read. Imagine how cozy to have everyone snuggled under a blanket, each reading their own book! Parents, we’ve got great book choices for you in our Staff Picks

So, plan your own Family Literacy Day on January 27, because if or predictions are correct, it will probably snow that day.  However, several of our branches  do have events planned, so you can trek over to Windsor on Sunday, January 26 for games, treats, reading, and prizes or to   Berwick on Monday, January 27 for a special Bark George story & craft.

--Angela Reynolds, Head of Youth Services


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