Monday 13 April 2015

Used books, new money

A few times a year we hold used Book Sales. We get many donations from our patrons, and some of those books we actually add to the system; but many of them we already own enough copies of, and so we sell them at our Book Sales. Our donation policy can be found here, in case you would like to donate some of your books. We have to be slightly picky when it comes to donations, because if we can’t use or sell them,  we have to pay to recycle or cart them off to the garbage.  And when books are mouldy or dirty, they can actually infect other books, so they really do belong in the dumpster when they are in that condition. We also sell some of our discarded books: those that we no longer need in our collection. When the 15 copies of the latest best-seller are no longer hot, we often put those in our Book Sale. 
How do we deal with all these books? We have a great volunteer, Gerry MacDonald, who comes in weekly to sort, price, and work with the books. Gerry helps out at the sales, too. We couldn’t do it without him! 

Our Book Sales have amazing low prices. We want you to have these books. We know that having books in your home can be one of the indicators of how well children will do in school. Our children’s book prices range from .25 cents to $1. That makes it easy to bring home a stack of books for the kids to paw through. Our adult books are reasonably priced as well. Paperbacks are .25 cents each, and hard-cover books are between $1-$2. Trade paperbacks (those nice, big ones) are $2 each. We often have sets of books that we sell for $5. For those of you who ALWAYS need a book on hand, this is the place. 

We have lots of fiction, but we also have non-fiction. Cookbooks and gardening books always sell out quickly, and our Canadiana section is very popular. For the second year in a row, we are offering a Friday evening “early bird” Advance Sale. Pay $2 at the door, and get in early – get your hands on the choice books! The Advance Sale is Friday, April 17, from 6-8 PM. And don’t worry if you can’t make it Friday night—we have loads of books and we might even put more out for Saturday morning.  From 9 AM  to 12 noon there will be plenty to choose from, and you don’t have to pay to get in.

Our Book Sales generate income for the region, and we hold our Spring Book Sale to help fund our annual Summer Reading Club for kids & teens. We also have an annual sale during Ciderfest, and several other smaller sales  throughout the year. Many of our branches also hold small book sales, so keep an eye out.  See you at 26 Bay Road this weekend !

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