Monday 31 August 2015

Tiny libraries sprouting up

There’s a movement afoot that I’ve been quite interested to watch. It started as Little Free Library . The idea? Build a tiny library and put it in your yard, neighborhood, park, etc. Fill it with books, and invite people to take them, add to the library, and enjoy. This movement has really caught on!  You know how sometimes you hear about something, and then suddenly you see it everywhere? That’s what happened to me.  This summer when I was in San Francisco, I saw my first actual Little Free Library – built into an old phone box. Then another, at my friend’s house –her kids love to check it each day to see if books have been taken or added. . And another,  just as I was on a walk. This one had a solar light for evening borrowing. They seemed to pop up all over the place.

When I got back to Nova Scotia, I got an email from Laura Churchill-Duke (of Valley Family Fun fame)  . She wanted to create a Little Library in Kentville and asked if I knew about them and if I had any suggestions. A few weeks later, there’s the Wee Free Library at Miner’s Marsh in Kentville.  Read about why and how she wanted to create the little library in this article fromKings County News.  And she’s working on creating one for Port Williams, so stay tuned! Read more from her blog HERE.

Since then, I’ve heard about others. There’s one in Clarence – I found it at Noah’s Place Farm  
 when out for a drive. A friend had told me that this one existed. I’ve heard there’s one at Ayelsford Lake, but I haven’t seen that one yet.

Have you seen a Little Library in your area? Have you taken a book, or left a book at one? Are you thinking of making one in your community?  Leave us comments and let us know!

--Angela Reynolds, Community Engagement Coordinator

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  1. There has been a Little Free Library on the Old Post Road in Grand Pre for several years.