Monday 20 June 2016

Art in your libraries

  The next time you are visiting your local library take some time to check out your surroundings. Not only is the library a place for books, conversation, and research, you can also add art gallery to its resume.
Art wall at the Kingston Library
  We have an abundance of  talented artists and crafters in our communities, and our libraries are more than happy to showcase their work.
   "We have a great art gallery wall", says Andrea Leeson at the Kingston Branch. "I change it about every three months. I try to have local artists from the area; between Wilmot to Aylesford, more or less, because there are so many all over the Valley."
A painting at the Kingston Library
  "Why do they exhibit? Because I ask them to! I am trying to give the village a cultural focal point." The artist names are posted along with information pamphlets if someone is interested in purchasing a piece.
  Three large panels donated by local artist Eileen Boyd  adorned the walls at the old Berwick Library and have made the move to the temporary location. They were donated to the town and branch manager Barbara Lipp was more than happy to give them a home. In the new building she plans to have a rotating art display.
Quilts by Peggy Gregory
of Middleton

 There is a lovely display of art and crafts in the Rosa M. Harvey Middleton and Area Library that is displayed on an eight-week rotation. Most pieces are for sale by the artists and information is available if a person is interested in purchasing, with no commission to the library. Gail Aldred is the contact person in Middleton. She keeps a list of artists that have participated in the displays and of new ones willing to show their wares. They are very happy having people appreciate their hard work.
  The art wall at the Wolfville Memorial Library features a different artist every month. Penny Lakes oversees the display. She either contacts artists she has heard of locally, or artists will contact staff about displaying their art.
  "Artists exhibit at the library because they
 like to have their art seen by the public and all artists have been enthusiastic about the displays here. People love the art wall. Patrons and artists alike."
  So the next time you are at the library, before or maybe after you have that huge pile of books, magazines or DVDs in hand, check out the creations of all of those wonderful and talented artists out there who happen to be your neighbours.

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