Monday, 30 January 2012

Mark Oakley in Wolfville

This year, the Wolfville Library is happy to be one of the libraries our Writer-in-Residence Mark Oakley is most often stationed.  As well as doing workshops in different branches, the Writer-in-Residence program is mostly designed for him to do his work and the rest of us to watch, ask questions, and consult him on works of our own creation.

One doesn’t often get to see the creative process in action.  But this is exactly what happens with Mark Oakley: he comes in, sets up his easel and computer, and starts to make something out of nothing.  First there are just faint boxes on the page, in pencil; then the boxes start to fill in with heads, backgrounds, dialogue bubbles…also sometimes magic and physical humour.  At some point the fine point black felt-tipped marker comes out—but not necessarily in any discernible order, as some of the boxes on his page remain blank at this point and others are at various stages of completion.   Mark goes over the lines, giving the drawing a final flourish, its definitive form.     

It’s amazing to see the buzz of energy that gathers around him as people stop to watch what he is doing or ask him questions.  Mark, ever gregarious, discusses his work or answers people’s questions, whether about his own work or something they have drawn.   People of all ages enjoy checking out his work station and he is more than happy to discuss technique, materials, and inspiration.   - Brogan Anderson

 For more information on our Writer in Residence program, click here.
To find out where Mark will be next, click here.

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