Monday 13 August 2012

Borrow Anywhere Return Anywhere

I have been travelling around Nova Scotia this summer taking in the all the wonderful things this province has to offer.  I sometimes come across libraries, both big and small, and stop in to check them out.  Often I'll see something I want to borrow and thanks to Nova Scotia's Borrow Anywhere, Return Anywhere program, I can do just that.  

Did you know we can borrow items from any of the 78 public libraries in Nova Scotia and return them at another library?  Heck, you can even drop them off at the Seaport Market in Halifax!  Libraries Nova Scotia just set up a remote book return for the convenience of customers.

Did I mention you can borrow from universities and community college libraries as well?  There used to be an off-campus library card fee at universities but this fee was eliminated a couple of years ago so the general public can peruse the academic bookshelves as well.

So enjoy your library and all it has to offer, wherever it may be!

Frances Newman, Regional Librarian

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