Monday 27 August 2012

Free Software: Jing

Jing is the always-ready program that allows you to instantly capture images and video.   I have been using it for screen captures only.  The video presents a problem as it only saves files in Flash (.swf) format.  These won't load to YouTube. 

But, this program is worth using just for the screen capture capabilities and it's FREE.  After you install the program it resides as a sun shaped icon at the top of your computer screen.  When you need it, simply hover over the image and the tools are quickly at hand.  I use it to capture bits of the screens I'm using for insertion in instruction sheets, for relaying to users when troubleshooting or assisting them with technical questions.  You simply click on the capture tool and you get a grid that you click and drag over the screen to capture the exact bit you wish to use.  This can then be copied into any other program and saved in whatever format you wish. 

Other features offered with the screen capturing, include being able to highlight, frame, colour, add arrows and text over the images.  These are great tools when preparing instructional handouts.  Worth trying!

There's a tutorial here; and you can click here to download your free copy. 

Charlotte Janes,
Head of Systems and Administration

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