Monday, 1 October 2012

Thanksgiving - Let's Talk Turkey

It's harvest time in Canada and for many of us that means Thanksgiving. This annual feast, held the second Monday of October, gives Canadians the opportunity to gather as a family or with friends and celebrate the bounty that surrounds us.

Whether we are feeding 2 or 20 this feast will most likely feature a turkey as the centerpiece. Last year at Thanksgiving 3.0 million whole turkeys were purchased by Canadians, equal to 32% of all whole turkeys that were sold over the year.

For some useful information on the preparation and serving of turkey visit this website .  Whether it's the oven or the BBQ there are lots of helpful hints and wine and beer pairings as well.

Traditionally the dinner will also include harvest vegetables, pumpkin or apple pie and of course the bird.  There will be choices to be made of course, free range or store bought, to stuff or not to stuff, whole or half, whether to make gravy and is dinner on Sunday or Monday?

With the growth of the local food movement, getting your hands on fresh poultry and produce is easier than ever.  For anyone looking for new or tried and true recipes this year check out some of the many cookbooks and magazines at your local library.

Whatever your menu, have a wonderful weekend and be thankful for not only the harvest, your family and friends but the King of Thanksgiving dinner - the Turkey! 

Here are just a few of the books we have to help you prepare your menu:

Patricia Milner, Head of Reference Services

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