Monday 22 June 2015

Excitement builds for new Hantsport Library

Hantsport Library is moving!  And we are excited!

This week, our Hantsport branch library is moving from its location in the school to a newly renovated site at the former Legion Building at 10 Main St.   We’ll be closed June 23rd-26th  and will re-open on Saturday, the 27th at the new location, with a new name – the Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library.

Some time ago, planned renovations in the school precipitated discussions on the future home of the public library.   In July of 2013, Hantsport Town Council voted to move forward with a plan to  re-locate the library from the school.  A Library Advisory Committee was formed to look at options and recommend a new location.  Once the former Legion site was chosen, the Save Hantsport Public Library (SHPL) was initiated to raise the required funds.   

With support of the Friends of the Hantsport Public Library, and commitment from the Town, and the SHPL Committee, the library’s future was determined, and the project launched.   The SHPL held countless innovative fund-raisers and were untiring in their dedication to the cause. 

In 2014, members of the Jodrey family came forward to honour the late Isabel and Roy Jodrey with a $100,000 donation toward the project!

The original target date for the public library to move from the school was August 1st, but, due to the school’s renovation schedule, we’re re-locating sooner than anticipated.  Please bear with us as we work with some temporary shelving, furniture, etc. If you want to help make this new library even better, donations can be made HERE

The Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library will offer more convenient hours, a refreshed book stock, a lounge chair or two, and, later this summer, the public will enjoy an outdoor book return, available during non-open hours.   We’ll have computer tech help during the summer months, and some great children’s programming.  All services and programs are FREE.

We hope you’ll come and see us at the new location.   Remember:  Summer Reading Club starts this week, too, so sign up at the Hantsport Library on the 27th or in the days thereafter.    

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