Monday 8 June 2015

New Bookmobile stops!

The Bookmobile serves some of the Annapolis Valley's outlying communities and neighborhoods, aiming at all ages and interests. The Bookmobile provides access to a wide variety of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction material. You can also find magazines, audio books, and DVDs on the shelves.

Our new Bookmobile offers an exciting library adventure. Based on statistics we have developed stops in community hub locations. We look for community meeting places and develop partnerships to offer mobile library service. Our current community stops vary from one to three hours in length. And we visit communities every three weeks.

Our Bookmobile already offers mobile library service to Springfield, Summerville, Wilmot, Aylesford, Baxter’s Harbour, Centreville, Coldbrook, Maitland Bridge, Cornwallis and Bear River. The exciting news is that we have developed new partnerships to offer additional new community stops! Beginning this month we will offer Bookmobile service to East Dalhousie, Brooklyn, Black River, Hall’s Harbour, Port George, Morden, and Nictaux. 
To view our calendar of stops click here. This link will take you to the complete calendar of events for AVRL. You can filter these results by clicking on Outreach Services.

Click on any Bookmobile stop to receive full information on location and time of stop.
The Bookmobile can be seen travelling the Annapolis Valley almost daily. Bring a friend or neighbor and visit us at one of our community locations. Registering for a library card is FREE and can be used at any of our branches as well. If you see this lovely Bookmobile parked in your community, it probably means that we are open to the public. We will be flying a little flag to invite you into the Bookmobile. And please wave as you see us in your community.

Submitted by Wendy Kearnes, Bookmobile and Off-Site Services Manager

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