Monday 21 May 2012

Why We Do It

Why would you write a book about teen violence? How about inter-galactic time travel? A future where you get more than one chance at life, if you have the money? A shape-shfting boy in an imagined Victorian world?  These books get readers, that is one reason. And YA is hot right now.  Originally the teen "problem" novel was relegated to the back corner of the library (and bookstores). Now YA has grown up and even adults are reading it. And some of them admit that they read it. But back to my question – why would an author choose to write these types of novels? Well, you can find out on Wednesday, May 23, 3 -4:30 PM, at our YA Author panel. Held as part of the Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) conference**, this panel discussion will feature local authors Christy Ann Conlin and Mark Oakley;  Carrie Mac from Vancouver, and via Skype, Arthur Slade from Saskatoon. The authors will discuss their works, and tell us a bit more about why they do what they do. The session is free and open to the public, and will be held on the Acadia University campus in Patterson Hall, Room 224. You'll get another chance to hear Carrie Mac on Thursday, May 24, 3 -4 PM, at the Wolfville Library

So read their books, and come meet some really cool authors. Here's just a taste:

Christy Ann Conlin has written a YA novella, Dead Time, about a girl accused of murder. 

Carrie Mac has a brand new book, The opposite of tidy, and many others, including Triskelia, a gritty fantasy series, and The Beckoners, a classic 'mean girls' novel. 

Mark Oakley wrote the popular Star Drop, which is also featured weekly in The Grapevine and on his website. 

Arthur Slade writes the HunchbackAssignments which features a shape-changing boy who is a secret agent in a very Steampunk world.  These are also available in audio (and they are great in this format!)

**If you see a lot of people who look like librarians walking around Wolfville, the APLA conference is why.

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