Monday, 15 April 2013


Aaah! Food!  I love food.  I would like to say “Who doesn’t love food?” However, I have met my share of picky eaters over the years.  They come in many forms.  Those who will eat condiments and those who won’t. Those who won’t eat anything red or too green.  Those who will eat this vegetable but not that one.   On and on it goes.  I will admit, that there are certain things that even I won’t eat, but I am willing to try most anything.

I enjoy cooking and I like to try new and different things.  I’ll never be a chef.  You won’t see me on Hell’s Kitchen or The Taste.  And I’m pretty sure I am not going to be a world traveler.  So what to do, what to do?   

This is where the library comes in.  It has a wealth of tastes and flavors in the form of cookbooks.  I love cookbooks.  So many cookbooks, so many choices.   Everything you could want from Chinese, Italian, Indian, Jewish, Thai, Vietnamese, Canadian, and more.  There are cookbooks for vegetarians and vegans.  For those who have diabetes or need gluten-free meals.  Step-by-step cookbooks.  Children’s cookbooks.  And yes, even cookbooks for picky eaters.             

There are so many choices.  You can try something new every day if you like, or just on occasion. 

One of my favorite flavors is coconut.  When I think of it, I usually think about coconut cream pie.  Now I think about Bombay Chicken Curry.  When I made this dish, it was a big hit.  You can find it in 150 best Indian, Thai, Vietnamese & more slow cooker recipes by Sunil Vijayakar.

I highly recommend visiting the cookbook section of your local library.  And if you don’t see what you are looking for on those shelves, I’m sure the library staff will help you get that special book for the right flavor you are looking for.

--Vicki Holland, Technical Services

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