Monday 18 November 2013

Health and Wellness Database

If you are looking for health information you do not have to go any further than your library website.   You can click on the Search Databases tab at the top of our webpage and find the Health and Wellness Database  or if you are searching for titles in our web catalogue there is an option to connect to that database on the right hand side of the page.   

Whether it’s a specific condition that you want to know more about, a prescription drug or you need to find an association in your area, the Health and Wellness database can help.  Tabs across the top and search boxes below help direct you to a variety of information.  You can search by condition name or by symptom.  There are “in the news” highlighted topics and articles that can be printed, emailed or downloaded.  The best way to learn how to get the most from this resource is to take the Guided Tour listed at the top of the page.   It will pinpoint and highlight all the search tools and tips to use this resource. 

Here are a couple of interesting features:  The first one is a personal risk assessment tool that is available.  Here you can calculate your own risk for certain diseases and get tips on how to lower your risk. The other is the video option that will come up with the results of a search.   While watching the video you also get a transcript of the presentation and the credentials of the presenters.  

The information on this site is certified by the HONcode so has been evaluated as being trustworthy information.   I think you will find this database to be very useful either on its own or in addition to the books found in our catalogue.   

--Patricia Milner, Head of Reference Services

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