Monday 2 March 2015

Daisy Players needed

Hello fellow readers! I know that many a stormy night this winter I have enjoyed curling up with a good library book. This winter of heavy snows and unpredictable weather has lead many of us to enjoy our library books even more than usual. Now just imagine that you have the winter blahs, you love to read  AND you are print disabled. Imagine that you can’t hold a book properly, or you can’t see the print in your favourite book anymore. This winter would be even more tiresome under those circumstances wouldn’t it?

This is what our print disabled patrons face every day. This is why the Annapolis Valley Regional Library has a Special Needs Service to help talking book users to enjoy their favourite books. The problem is, if they have an older cd/mp3 machine that does not play the newer formats and they can’t afford to purchase a new machine, their audiobook options are limited.

There is a wonderful but expensive machine called a daisy player. It plays all the new formats and is very easy to use with large buttons and simple instructions. These are like the Mercedes Benz of audio players. Here's what one type of daisy player looks like.

Most talking book users can’t afford the expense of one of these wonderful machines because they are several hundred dollars. There are some families who may have a player that is no longer being used. We would love it if they could donate this item  to AVRL.

AVRL will give you a tax receipt for up to half of what the player cost you when new. You can rest  assured that you are bringing happiness and enjoyment to many AVRL print disabled users who want to be cozy and enjoy a good book on a stormy day!

Even if you don’t have a player to donate you can pass along this information to someone who does have one. Or, if you would like to make a cash donation towards one of these players, that is also an option.

Thanks very much!

Sherie Keans
Special Needs Clerk
Annapolis Valley Regional Library

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