Thursday 10 December 2015


Liz Gibson made these tasty morsels. Drop in to sample one at the Isabel  and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library in Hantsport. The recipe is from Robin Hood Home Baking : from cookies & cakes to pizza, pot pies & more. (page 53)
Chocolate Almond Macaroon Logs

Preheat oven to 350F (180C)
Cookie Sheet Lined with parchment paper
Makes about 30 cookies

3 cups flaked coconut                            750ml

½ cup granulated sugar                         125ml

6 tbsp. Robin Hood All-Purpose Flour     90ml

4 egg whites                         

1 tsp vanilla                                            5 ml

½ cup finely chopped almonds              125m

2 squares (each 1oz/28g)

 semi-sweet chocolate melted

1.  Combine coconut, sugar and flour in a large bowl. Add egg whites and vanilla. Mix well. Stir in almonds.

2. Shape heaping tablespoons (20ml) of mixture into logs and place on prepared cookie sheet.

3. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes or until golden around edges. Cool cookies completely on sheets, then remove from pan.

4. Dip ends of cookies in melted chocolate. Place on waxed paper. Chill until chocolate is set, about 5 minutes.

Omit chocolate or dip one end of each cookie in white chocolate and the other in semi-sweet.                               

My notes:

I chose this recipe because I love coconut , chocolate,  and almonds! They are chewy and quite tasty if I do say so myself!   Although the recipe didn’t say, I whipped the egg whites to a frothy mixture before adding to the other ingredients.  I think you could toast the coconut beforehand if you wanted more of a crunchy texture. Recipe says these will freeze well if not dipped.
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