Monday 14 March 2016

Get Reading Material in Any Weather

Don’t let poor weather conditions prevent you from getting reading material!

Through our website,, you can get lots of reading material without having to get out of your pajamas. 

 Use OverDrive, our downloadable eBook and audiobook service.  Borrow a book and download it to your computer and then put it on your eReader or download it directly to your  phone or tablet using the OverDrive app.  Borrow the book for up to three weeks.  There aren’t any overdue fines or fees because the books are automatically checked in at the end of the loan period.  There are over 12,000 titles to choose from with more added each week.  Many of these titles have multiple copies, so there is sure to be something available for you to read.

 Within OverDrive, under the Featured Collections, you will find the Project Gutenberg Titles.  This collection of over 2600 titles has been made available through the same software as the other OverDrive titles.  These titles don’t expire, so you can keep them on your computer or device as long as you wish.  Unlike the OverDrive titles which can only be used by one person at a time, these titles do not have a limit.

Maybe you would prefer a magazine, we have those too. We currently subscribe to 30 titles from Zinio for Libraries.  Each title has the most current issue, plus more than a year of back issues.  Create a Zinio account, then checkout and read as many issues as you would like.  Use the Zinio app to download your checked out magazines to your tablet or phone.  These do not have a loan period, they don’t expire and won’t disappear from your device until you remove them.  You even have the option of being notified by email when the newest issue of a selected magazine comes out.

 Do you or someone you know have a print disability?  If so, try out NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service).  There are over ten thousand titles to choose from, most of which are in audiobook format.  For access, you will need to register for this service specifically with us, we will then change your account profile, then your library card gets you in.  If you use the VoiceDream app (for either Apple or Android) you can use these titles on a tablet or phone.  This app does have a cost.

 Oh, guess what?  This is all FREE with your FREE library card.  If you need some technical help with any of this, let us know, we have that too.

 Charlotte Janes,
Systems and Collections Access Coordinator

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