Monday 11 April 2016

April 20th is National Canadian Film Day

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library is once again participating in National Canadian Film Day on April 20th.   What is that, you say? Well, the organizers at REEL CANADA say this:

“April 20, 2016, is National Canadian Film Day, a day to throw off the shackles of fear and insecurity, stand together with Canadians from coast to coast and pat ourselves on the back for something other than various ice-related sports and sports-related doughnut shops (not that we don’t love ice-related sports and doughnuts). It’s a light-hearted intervention for our national consciousness, a wake-up call to anyone who has not yet been exposed to the great cinematic stories we tell one another in this cold, vast country.  It’s a way to get over ourselves and have some FUN!”

Thanks to REEL Canada, our library has public performance rights to show these four Canadian films on April 20th. 

Plan to join us at one (or two!) of the following locations.

Dr. Frank W. Morse Memorial Library in Lawrencetown – screening One Week at 2:00 p.m.
Murdoch C. Smith Memorial Library in Port Williams – screening The Whale at 2:00 p.m.
Windsor Regional Library – screening Gunless at 6:00 pm
Rosa M. Harvey Middleton & Area Library – screening New Waterford Girl at 6:30 pm
Check at your local branch library or in the online catalogue for great Canadian film titles you can watch at home.


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