Monday 4 July 2016

I Can’t Believe it! The Isabel & Roy Jodrey Memorial Library is One Year Old!

   It was on June 27th 2015 that Hantsport’s new library opened its doors to the public. A lot has happened since then; some of it is as exciting as new shoots sprouting from the ground, some of it a little bit uncomfortable as growing pains often are.
  As our yearly statistics indicate many new people have come in to enjoy the new facility and to participate in a wide variety of programs. With the bigger space, we have been able to host visits from some crowd catching celebrities like Princess Hantsport, Santa Claus, and Scott Brison. The change in location from the school has allowed us to have open hours on Wednesday mornings which has developed into a popular time for families and caregivers of preschoolers to visit. In January, the renovations to the lower level were completed and as new furniture trickled in we were able to move the very popular Cozy Corner Storytime downstairs giving the children room to move about, listen to stories and create works of art.
  “Library Lab” is another program that has grown within the year and benefitted from the new program rooms. This is a group of chatty 10-14 year olds who come together every other Tuesday to explore craft techniques, art materials and science activities. They have had so much fun that many of them congregate here on non-program days.  Another lively creative group is the Wednesday afternoon crafters who get together to chat as they stitch, hook, knit or weave. The program room on the lower level enabled this group to change their meeting time to a time when the library is open, every Wednesday from 1-3pm. Anyone is welcome, just bring along your project!
  Having a kitchen downstairs is an asset and has allowed us to introduce a new program called “Lunch & Learn”.  This started in March and happens once per month when a speaker presents as participants munch on their lunch and sip their coffee or tea.  Stay tuned for the Fall 2016 speaker line-up!

 Other programs held throughout the year were tech help tutorials and  kids tech programs, senior’s week  programs,  a family literacy day event, winter carnival story walk & scavenger hunt, a March Break camp, Canada Reads event, and a monthly book club. If any of these pique your interest or you have an idea for something new, let us know and we will try to accommodate.
  We are now getting ready for year two!  It is looking good so far. May I suggest you Renew Your Curiosity and check out our Summer 2016 programs found on the calendar of events. And for heaven’s sake, if you haven’t already been into the Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library, please come see us!

Liz Gibson
Branch Manager,
Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library, Hantsport

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