Monday 3 October 2016

Carry Your Library Card on Your Phone

Do you sometimes forget to bring your library card with you when you visit one of our branches, but always have your phone?  Or, do you just have too many cards in your wallet?  Well, we have a solution for you.  Put your library card on your phone.
Download either one of these free apps, Key Ring or CardStar to your Android or iOS smart phone.  Add a new card, you won’t find us in the list of vendors so just add it as other and name it what makes sense to you.  During the process of adding the card, you will be prompted to scan the card.  The app won’t take the image of the barcode on the library card unless it is just what it requires, so the distance and resolution need to be just right before it moves on to the next step.
You may find these apps useful for adding other types of cards, you should check with the store or location where you use them to be sure they can read them from a phone.  We’ve just recently installed the equipment to make this possible in your local library.

Charlotte Janes,
Systems and Collections Access Coordinator

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