Monday 14 November 2016

AVRL’s continued lament for On South Mountain (sung to the tune of “Where Have all the Flowers Gone”)

Does someone you know have a long overdue library copy of the book On South Mountain, by Alison Griffiths and David Cruise?  Do you?
PLEASE HELP!  Over the years, almost all of the library's copies of On South Mountain have disappeared.   They weren't stolen, exactly.   They were legitimately signed out from the library, but then never returned.  Patrons have moved and contact information is outdated.   Please help us -- we need them back.    The subject matter is a dark, but significant, chapter of Annapolis Valley’s past.  We receive ongoing requests for the title, and it remains out of print.
If you are in possession of one of these books, please return it to us.    If an acquaintance/friend of yours has it, please implore him/her to see it safely home.  It could be returned to any N.S. library and it would find its way back to us.
Or maybe you have a copy you're willing to donate?  If so, please see library staff, or contact

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  1. Agreed, this has been an ongoing problem and what few copies we have left are in terrible shape. I think an "in-library use only" would be an other option.