Monday 11 June 2012

Increase in fees for overdue and lost items

 It's been 15 years since AVRL has made any increase in fines and lost fees, but we are doing it on July 1. Why?

Well   has the cost of books gone up since 1997?  Have staff wages increased?  Yes to both of those questions, so it definitely costs us more to stock and re-stock our shelves these days. 
We place no limits on the number of items a patron can borrow, the number of holds he/she can place, and we don't charge for library membership.  What a deal !   If each borrower returns his material on time, in good condition, and doesn't lose his library card, he can coast along using the library for years, never directly giving us a penny!

Did you know that public libraries in Nova Scotia are required by the government to raise 3% of their total annual budget?   So if our patrons don't bring materials back on time, or if they lose a book or dvd, we do feel it's fair to ask for a little cash.  Libraries are funded, in small part, by taxpayer dollars so remember that other taxpayers are waiting to use those overdue items.

We make it easy to bring your books back on time. Our library has introduced email reminder notices. If you've given us your email address, an automatic message will be sent 2 days prior to when your material is coming due! I've found this very helpful - and likely you will, too. It gives you the chance to either finish reading the book really fast, or ask for a renewal. Talk with staff about adding your email address, or go to your account online and click on "Change Address" at the bottom of the page.  

Click here to see the new fine and lost fee structure which starts on July 1.

And I've mentioned that hilarious Seinfeld episode about an overdue library book in an earlier blog posting – it's the episode about the Library Cop.  If you still haven't seen it, watch it here.

--Wendy Trimper

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