Monday 25 June 2012

Summer Reading!

The Summer Reading Club starts today! Libraries across Canada are asking readers to IMAGINE this summer with the TD Summer Reading Club. Why Summer Reading? Ask any teacher – kids who read during the summer tend to retain the skills they learned in the school year. This is especially important for those who have just learned to read, or who are struggling with reading. The library makes reading fun – and rewarding—with our Summer Reading Club. As your child reads toward his or her goal of 10 or 20 hours, they can get small incentives such as stickers, tattoos, and pencils. When they finish, they can earn a FREE FastPass to Upper Clements Parks! Full details here

Teens can get in on the fun, too, and enter to win cool prizes. And this year, we are inviting adults to play along. Pick up a list of "50 Things To Do This Summer", do at least 40 0f them with your kids, return the booklet to us and you can enter to win some great prizes, too! 

Here are some Summer Reading tips for parents—help your young readers have an enjoyable time with books this summer. If it does not seem like work, they are more likely to find that book that hooks them and makes them readers for life! 

Check out a Little Reader Bag for your child who is just beginning to read. These bags have 5-8 books in them that are specifically designed for your young readers. Just like anything, to be a good reader, you need practise. And keeping  up with reading during the summer months will help your child retain the skills they learned during the school year. We have 4 levels of Little Reader bags, so stop by your library and see which ones are just right for your little reader.  We have them in French, as well, for those students who are learning to read in French! 

Listen to a book! If you have a long car trip ahead, find a great book to listen to. You can download one onto your MP3 player, or borrow one on CD from the library.  Listening to books counts as time for your Summer Reading Club booklets, too!  We have some suggested books here.

 Give your children writing materials. Children want to learn how to write and to practice writing. Help them learn by having paper, pencils, pens, or crayons for them in your home. Help your young children write if they ask you. Give your school-age child a journal to keep during the summer – they can write, draw, add momentos and pictures, and keep a Summer Scrapbook!

Restrict the amount and kind of TV your children watch. During the summer it is tempting to sit in front of the TV for extended periods of time. Turn it off and go for a walk, play outside, or read a book under a tree instead. If you do allow TV, watch educational TV programs with your children that teach letter sounds and words or give information about nature and science.

Don't forget about bedtime reading sessions! Routine is important for children, and you can include reading in the nightly ritual. If your child is older, choose a great read-aloud and share a chapter each night. Make it a family event with a bedtime snack. 

Follow your child's interests. We have books about knights, cars, bugs, dinosaurs, stars, horses, trains, and much, much, more. Ask the library staff to help you find books in the non-fiction area! 

Visit a park and take a StoryWalk! You can read and be active at the same time at the parks in Port Williams or Bridgetown – come check it out! Or, make your own story walk by reading aloud as you stroll through the park. 

Let them read for fun! Summer is the time to enjoy books without tests or reports. If they only want to read comic books, let them! The library has a huge selection of graphic novels for young readers (adults, too!) Here's a list for younger readers.  Or maybe they love humour. We have a list for that, too, right here. Or maybe they just want to read about horses. Check out our New Books and Staff Picks for even more suggestions, or ask the staff at your local library. Have a great summer, and may you find that perfect summer book!

--Angela J. Reynolds, Head of Youth Services

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