Monday 16 July 2012

Free Software: PICASA

Picasa is a Google software product that is FREE.

The Picasa software provides a simple way to view, edit, and organize photos on your computer.  There are two great features about Picasa that are worth identifying:

  1.  Picasa does not store the photos on your computer.  You download the software.  When you open Picasa, it simply displays a copy of the photos it finds on your computer.  It displays them based on what types of files you specify when asked and where you suggest it looks.
  2. Your original photos are always preserved.  When using the great selection of editing tools in Picasa, your original files are never touched.  The photo edits you make are only viewable in Picasa until you decide to save the changes.  When the edited photos are saved, it is a new version of your photo that is saved, leaving the original unchanged.

I really like the editing features that allow you to crop, straighten, fix redeye, add text, retouch, sharpen, tint, change to black & white or Sepia and many, many more.  One of the 24 new features is side by side editing, allowing you to view the edited and original versions side by side. 

Go beyond editing and share your photos online and then add the email addresses of those you want to view your newly created album.  They'll receive an email invitation to view your photos.

This is worth a try.   Did I mention, it's FREE?

Use this link to get your copy today!

Charlotte Janes,
Head of Systems and Administration

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