Monday 21 April 2014

New Library Catalogue

We’ve made some changes.  Late in the day on April 21st you’ll see our new library catalogue

It looks a little different, and has some new features.  There are some searching tips you’ll see near the top of the screen, these can be very helpful.  For example, if you are unsure as to how to spell an author’s name: Jan Pienkowski or Susan Wojciechowski.  You can type as little as the first three letters followed by a $ sign (ex. Woj$) and then click on “author” then on “Search”.  You will get a list of titles by authors where the first three letters are Woj, examples are Lisa Wojna, Ted Wojasik and of course Susan Wojciechowski. 
            Use the Go Back option with the catalogue to “go back” to the previous screen.  You’ll find the catalogue works much better using this feature.
            The search results of this new catalogue will be more on target with your inquiry and will be pre-sorted.  There will be more entries with added content including covers, summaries and reviews.

The Advanced Search contains additional options for refining your search.  My special mention is the Collection option. With this you can choose Adult Non-Fiction when doing your subject search for “Egypt”.  You won’t get those fiction books about Egypt in your list or children’s books.  The possibilities are endless.

            Now, for the best part--  if you place holds you’ll really like this one.  You are now able to add suspension dates to your holds.  So, you have too many books to read, or you are going away for a couple of weeks.  You don’t really want to have to cancel your holds for those books you’ve been waiting for only to start at the bottom of the list again.  You can add the suspension dates to whichever holds you wish so that they do not become available to you during the dates you choose (this was previously only available through staff).  Your hold will continue to move up through the list as before, but when your hold is at the top of the list, other users after you will get the book, until the suspension period has passed - then it will be held for you.

Charlotte Janes, Head of Systems and Administration

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