Monday 14 April 2014

You’re not the bookmobile, are you?

Kurt Haussecker is AVRL’s delivery driver and we couldn’t manage without him.  He makes four trips a week to each of our library locations, traversing Highway 101 and the #1 from Annapolis Royal to Windsor.  Each day, each way, he transports hundreds of kilograms of books and library materials which make their way into the hands of appreciative library users.   He also carries totes full of puppets, laptops, storytime props, and LEGOS.  We love this guy (so should you!), and we wanted to give him a nod on our library blog.

During his March deliveries, we asked Kurt to jot down a few observations and notes on his journeys … and here they are:

-         “You’re not the bookmobile, are you?” asks an interested and hopeful onlooker
-         Potholes:  hazards of late winter driving.  Worst potholes are on Rte #1 (he named specific areas, but you all know where they are!)
-         Van and driver got covered in salt
-         Who packed these boxes?!?!    So heavy…
-         Spring-like weather on March 12th, noting llamas in Belleisle, alpacas in Kingston & pygmy goats in Berwick
-         $/!*#%*! – who’s in my parking spot?
-         March 13th – the worst weather, very slippery, slow-going  (but everyone needs their books, I must go on … oh,  I think I can!  I think I can!)
-         March 19th – They started fixing potholes!
-         Saw 3 eagles at Grand Pre
-         Who packed these boxes?!?!   So heavy …
-         March 20th – Lucked into pizza at Wolfville Library who had 5 pizzas donated by a local restaurant.Later, same day, Windsor Library was having their 3rd Thursday jam session with coffee and cookies!
            These boxes seem really heavy now… and no one to blame but me 
-         March 28 – Super heavy delivery day after 2 cancelled ones due to storm.  Lots of wind damage noted including shingles off roofs. 
-         Additional delivery day added to cope with volume.  Will anyone have pizza today?
-         Few more days of very bad weather.  Rivers swollen with spring run-off.
-         Time to get the winter tires off & Dreaming of summer days ahead …  when pothole challenges will be replaced with highway construction...hmmm…blowing snow with humidity…hmmm

Well, that’s just a snapshot – the good, the bad, and the ugly - of Kurt’s 14-year journey with AVRL.   If you see him on your travels, give him a wave and please let him know you appreciate him as much as we do.

Wendy Trimper, Head of Branch Services

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