Monday 5 January 2015

Post Holiday Blues

IT’S OVER!!!  This is a statement that is often heard come January.  Whether it was the vacations, the visits, the food or the fun, come January the holiday season has ended.  

It can be a positive statement as not everyone is sad to see the holiday season in their rear view mirror.  Some will feel relief that they are no longer have to see and be seen by family and friends. There will be an end to the expense and expectations.

 For others it will be a lament for the loss of the coming together of family and friends and the celebrations that accompanied that.  The freedom of days off and the indulgence of outings and parties. The hustle and bustle that kept us distracted and entertained.  

It can be an especially hard time for children.  Going back to the routine of school can help but it also spells the end of “fun” for many.  They will miss the extra time and attention that they got over the break.  It’s important to be aware of how they feel and keep an eye on children’s behaviour.  Often the emotions come out in a physical way  (like a stomach ache ).  

Take steps to help yourself if the blues have taken hold.  Make sure that you eat well, up the fruit and vegetables,  and try to get out for a walk.   If you can do it in the sunshine that is better yet as a little Vitamin D never hurts when you are in the shorter daylight hours. Perhaps invest in a sun lamp for a little light therapy.  

It helps to pick a date in the near future and plan something special.  You will have something to look forward to during the winter weeks ahead.  Look at evening classes or indoor activities like the swimming pool or bowling.  You can choose to embrace winter and get involved in some outdoor activities like skating or snowshoeing.  

Recently my 3 year old grandson and I got ready to go down the water slide at the pool and he looked up at me with this big smile and said “Let’s Do This”.   I often get a little bit of the blues this time of year so I am going to try and apply that attitude to the coming weeks and hopefully give them the boot. 

The main thing is that the holiday blues should be temporary.  If you find that no matter what you try you aren’t coming out of the slump then speak to a professional. 
Here’s to a New Year – 2015 

---Patrica Milner, Head of Reference Services

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