Monday 13 July 2015

The Hantsport Dream: Saved by Community

After 54 years in a large classroom at the Hantsport School, the Hantsport library has moved to the larger and brighter Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library at 10 Main Street, and according to Branch Manger Elizabeth Gibson, “We are loving it!”. Open to the public for just over a week,  everyone who walks through the door exclaims over the spacious, bright atmosphere. The space “gives me a sense of peace” remarked one of the patrons. The south facing windows with a view of the playground and leafy green trees contribute to the peaceful feeling, making it a pleasant environment. 

There’s more space for everyone! Toddlers and older children have their own section to explore their favourite books and find new ones. The library is well stocked for summer readers! There is also a designated Teen Zone, which will be even more inviting once the new rug and furniture arrive. There are several comfy chairs for folks to sit and decompress with the daily newspaper, favourite magazine, or a book from the New Arrivals shelf. There are four public access computers ready for use, and plenty of outlets for charging your devices while you use the free WiFi. There’s room for friends and neighbors to gather and chat without disturbing other patrons or blocking the aisles. And the library is air-conditioned, so it is a great spot to cool off and relax this summer.

“I can’t imagine a single day without reading a book,” says Lorraine Davison, a Hantsport Library patron. “Though it is my first visit, I like this place. Definitely, it is a big step in the overall improvement of Hantsport community.”

The Citizens of Hantsport and Area saved their local branch library by raising over $200,000.00 to provide a new accessible location on Hantsport’s Main Street.  The Hantsport Public Library moved from the Hantsport School and opened in its new location on June 27, 2015.

 “We are very pleased that the library is now open in its new location but much work still needs to be done before our official opening on September 23, 2015,” said Lorraine McQueen, Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s Interim Chief Executive Officer. “Community support made this project a success and in recognition of the generous support of some members of the Jodrey family the library will be known as, The Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library”.

 “It is a dream come true for our community which has lost so much recently.  It is truly amazing what folks in small-town Nova Scotia can do when they work together,” said Susan Oickle-Shano, Chair of the Save Hantsport Public Library fundraising group.

There’s still work to be done, though! There are plans for an outdoor book drop, and there is a lift that will soon be operational. The lower floor will eventually become a program room. If you’d like to help with these further improvements, visit this site to find out how. 

We hope to see you soon. Check out our selection of books, DVDs, audiobooks, or bring your laptop or e-Reader. Stop by for our programs, bring the kids in to sign up for the Summer Reading Club. Or just stop in and say hello. We’d love to meet you and show off our new space!

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