Monday 22 February 2016

Updates coming to OverDrive!!

There are some updates coming soon to OverDrive Read, OverDrive Listen, and the OverDrive app.
OverDrive Read & OverDrive Listen

Updated Menu icon with new icons (like Overview and Search) next to it for quick and easy access from the reader.

  • Added a new, highly visible bookmark icon to the top-right corner of the screen in OverDrive Read for mobile devices. For OverDrive Listen, the bookmark icon has moved to the top-right corner of the player as well.
  • Added a History tab to the menus that will list the places you’ve visited in a book by searching, scrolling, selecting a chapter, or opening a link.
  • Renamed the "Assistive" font to "OpenDyslexic."
  • Updated the look of the seek bars.

  • Added icons to menu.

OverDrive app
The new version coming soon, v3.5, will be speedier and address many issues users have experienced, like the app crashing during download, losing your position in an audiobook, or issues with syncing. The app will natively support larger phone screen sizes (formerly iOS would scale the app to fit) and Apple’s Dynamic Type, a technology that allows visually impaired users to increase the size of the text throughout the app–not just in the eBook reader.

In addition, we’ve made visual upgrades throughout the app, including the Home menu, bookshelf, eBook reader, audiobook player, video player, and Settings menu.

OverDrive Help will be updated to support these releases. Keep an eye out for these updates coming soon.

Charlotte Janes,

Systems and Collections Access Coordinator



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